Student Success Center

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The Student Success Center provides a central location to receive academic guidance, information and bachelor’s degree advising/planning.

Success coaches remain available via remote appointments, email, and phone during the COVID-19 changes to normal business. Students are highly encouraged to use the links to the top right to schedule an appointment with a success coach.

  • As an upper-division institution, every student attending Athens State brings with them transfer credit, the center helps to provide an appropriate course of action for every student’s individualized situation.
  • The center partners with other university offices to offer a broad set of resources and services to empower students to excel personally and academically.
  • The center also facilitates and coordinates strategic initiatives to support student success.

As a prospective student you are considering applying to Athens State for the upcoming or future semester.

Upper-Division University

Athens State is an upper-division institution offering college coursework for more than 50 bachelor’s degrees. All classes at Athens State are at the junior/300 and senior/400 level.

To ensure you meet Link to admission requirements and you complete the correct general education core courses for your future Athens State bachelor’s, please connect with an Athens State rep, listed below, and/or review the AGSC & STARS Guide.

All core general education requirement for each degree are listed in the current Link to University Academic Catalog and Athens State reps are available to assist.

Athens State Representatives Available to Assist

Less than 32 college-level credit hours earned? Prospective students should contact admissions or a community college rep.

More than 32 college-level credit hours earned? Prospective students are welcome to contact the Students Success Center staff.

Did you know that Athens State has employees located at many of the northern Alabama community colleges?

*Appointments are welcomed

Transfer Course Equivalency Guide

Have a question about a specific course at your college, search it on the Link to Athens State Transfer Course Equivalency Guide to see what it will be articulated to when you transfer to Athens State.


It is always a good idea to look ahead at the requirements for the bachelor’s degree you plan to pursue to ensure you are selecting courses to fill bachelor’s requirements.

As a new student you have submitted your application, been accepted and are ready to begin classes in an upcoming term at Athens State.

A New Student Must:

  1. Understand their starting point
  2. Understand all general education requirements for the chosen bachelor’s: What requirements are met and what are outstanding/ still needed.
    • It is important to understand where transfer credits fill specific requirements for the selected bachelor’s degree.
    • Depending on the major, this can drive the coursework selection for the first semester(s).
  3. Understand how to use your customized Degree Works advising tool for course navigating and planning.
    • This tool shows core course requirements and indicates where transfer credits are applied.
    • It is important not only to know how to use this tool but also to understand how to read the information.
  4. Understand the “How-tos”
    • How to register for classes
    • How to plan future semesters
    • How to build a framework for critical steps: Items to consider for your major at Athens State.

The Orientation Guide can answer many common new student questions and orientate you to important tools and resources.

Common Topics Discussed Unique to Each Student

Includes the following list below, but may not be limited to only these:

  • Overall plan of required coursework and credit hours, referred to as a “plan of study”
  • How previous credits will transfer to meet general education requirements
  • Selection of different degree options and how previous credits will be applied (“What if” in Degree Works)
  • Options to complete any gaps in general education requirements
  • How the Curriculum Adjustment process works for transfer classes that may be applicable to the general education or major requirements that transferred as “general electives” rather than a specific degree requirement as shown on the Link to Athens State Transfer Course Equivalency Guide.
  • Navigating and using Degree Works to select classes for registration and how-to register

Assignment of a Faculty Advisor(s)

  • New students will be assigned a faculty advisor(s) specific to their major and also for some minors such as education. Faculty advisors become the primary resource for students as they progress deeper into degree major/minor specific requirements.
  • Secondary education students who minor in education, your minor (education) faculty advisor will be your key point of contact for teacher certification questions.


Be sure to use Degree Works to review course offerings and degree requirements. This tool will answer many questions about what is offered and in what teaching formats as you plan your future semesters.

As a returning student you have completed coursework at Athens State.

Student Support

For the most part, the Student Success Center can work with students on topics such as:

  • The Orientation Guide is a good resource to refresh yourself on key tools
  • A specific question, but do not know where to start
  • Action plan for GPA improvement and academic probation ( Link to GPA Calculator)
  • What is the next step(s) or what should be considered
  • What are the required classes for the major/minor (Degree Works)
  • Navigating gaps in general education requirements (100 and 200 level classes)
  • Change a major/minor and how it affects student progress towards bachelor’s completion
  • Registration assistance
  • Appropriate usage of university policies and/or procedures such as course retake
  • Withdrawing from a course after Add/Drop Week and possible consequences
  • A link between the student and the university
  • Readmission (please see Re-Admitting Students below)

Appropriate Contact

At times, the appropriate academic guidance will require the student’s faculty advisor or professional staff from within the specific college such as Teacher Education Services for field experience and internship questions. Although, with hours from 8 am to 4:30 pm Mon. through Fri., the Student Success Center remains a good place to start to get pointed in the correct direction.


  • Be sure to use Degree Works for course offerings and degree requirements. This tool will answer any questions about course offerings and teaching formats as you plan your future semesters.
  • Looking for online class options? Use Degree Works to see what of your course requirements are offered online in a given semester and then begin to narrow course options based on what classes you have the perquisites to take.
  • Register for the classes you can as soon as registration opens, then add others later as needed. There is no penalty to add and drop classes and payment is not due until much later after registration opens–Check the Link to Important Dates for the last day to add/drop and payment due.

Previous Athens State students who have not been enrolled in coursework for two or more semesters, excluding a summer term, will need to re-admit.

Re-Admission Process

  1. Submit a Link to re-admission form
  2. Contact the Student Success Center for guidance to re-enroll.

The center can help you:

  • Reevaluate degree options
  • Understand any new requirements
  • Help address any questions
  • Plan coursework
  • Utilize student tools and recourses (Degree Works)
  • Find the appropriate contact for any outstanding question


Not sure if you need to submit the Re-Admission Form?

  • If you enrolled in courses in fall and did not enroll in courses during the following spring, summer and the then next fall, to enroll in classes in spring or then after would require re-admission.
  • If you conferred a degree or another program from Athens State and you are starting a new program or degree, you must submit a new application for the new program/degree.

Degree Works is a web-based tool that enables students and their advisors to review past, present and future academic coursework to evaluate which degree requirements are complete and which degree requirements remain. It is one of the most important tools you have as a student.

*Important note, for Degree Works to work it requires your official transcripts from all previous schools attended to be received and evaluated by the university.

Degree Works is a Great Resource that Shows: (*Requires official transcript(s)).

  • How transfer courses are applied towards degree requirements*
  • What core classes are needed in order to complete your bachelor’s*
  • Grade point average (GPA) and course grades*
  • In progress / registered classes
  • Credit hours total: overall, earned at Athens State and earned at baccalaureate institutions*
  • Course information: description, prerequisite (if any), times and teaching method offered in the current/next term, CRN for course registration and how many open seats remain in the course section.

Video tutorials to learn How to use Degree Works:

Course Types

Degree Works will display the following course offerings/types as follows:

  • 100% Online/Distance Learning: Class is listed in Degree Works with only “TBA.”
  • On-Campus/at a Specific Location: Class is listed with a day or days of the week and times.
  • Blended: Class is delivered online and also has specific on campus/on location requirements. Class has a combined listing with “TBA” a nd specific days and times.

For detailed course information such as professor and to verify the location, time and days, please use the Link to detail course schedule.


Missed Classes? Did you completed other class(es), but do not see it your Degree Works? Degree Works functions from official transcripts. If you have coursework that is not showing it may be one
of these reasons:

  • Official transcripts must be received and evaluated from every attended college and university.
  • “In-process” course: Any class listed on your official transcript(s) as “in progress” when received by Athens State will require an updated official transcript that has a grade in order for it to be included in your official record.

Official Transcript send to: Athens State University, Office of Admissions, 300 N. Beaty Street, Athens, AL 35611

* New Students are highly encouraged to submit all official transcripts to Athens State as early as possible.

The Student Success Center is a dedicated team with a passion for helping students. The center welcomes walk ins; however, it is best to schedule an appointment to ensure the appropriate team member is available to assist.

Make an Appointment

  • A one-on-one appointment with a Success Coach. An appointment can be in person, over the phone or virtual. Please state your preference in the appointment request.

New Student Information Session

  • Join an online general advising session covering need-to-knows for all students.

Beth Jenkins Email Link to Beth Jenkins, Success Coach
Primary focus: College of Education

Ms. Jenkins has a passion for helping students achieve academic success. She has more than a decade of higher education experience from public universities. Ms. Jenkins holds two master’s, one in human resources management and one in leadership.

Kim Dunnavant Email Link to Kim Dunnavant, Success Coach
Primary focus: College of Business

Mrs. Dunnavant is passionate about bringing effective student resources to each and every Athens State student. She applies more than a decade of higher education experience from a community college and both public and private universities toward building foundations upon which tomorrow’s leaders can build strong futures. She holds a master’s of business administration.

Tricia Oleyte Email Link to Tricia Oleyte, Success Coach
Primary focus: College of Education and Non-Degree Seeking Including Provisional Certificate in a Teaching Field

Mrs. Oleyte has over a decade of experience working in the education field. She believes every student can excel academically by utilizing the many resources available to them. Mrs. Oleyte is dedicated to ensuring each student strives to reach their full potential. She holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

Victoria Mould Email Link to Victoria Mould, Success Coach
Primary focus: College of Arts and Sciences (Excluding Secondary Education Majors)

Mrs. Mould is passionate about her role to support students to degree completion. Her philosophy includes the importance of student involvement and ownership to succeed in college. Mrs. Mould holds a master’s in higher education and student personnel.

Email Link to DJ Doorenbos, Success Coach
Primary focus: College of Business

Mrs. Doorenbos is dedicated to helping students have their best academic experience as they prepare to enter the workforce or obtain additional higher education. She believes that each student can be successful given the right tools. She holds a master’s in business administration.

Email Link to Kelly Mathheus, Success Coach
Primary focus: Secondary Education Majors in College of Arts and Science

Mrs. Mathheus is passionate about helping students utilize all campus resources to achieve both academic and professional success. She brings over a decade of educational experience in both secondary and higher education to help support students through their academic journey. She holds a master’s degree in teaching.

Derrek Smith Photo Email Link to Derrek Smith, Senior Director

Mr. Smith is dedicated to higher education. He cites the usage of his university’s student resources as the key to kick-starting his educational success, as well as, his student work-study experience for introducing him to the profession of higher education.

Have an idea that would help support the success of Athens State students? Please Email Link to email the idea to us.


Mon. – Fri., 8 am to 4:30 pm
Sandridge Student Center, 1st Floor

(800) 522-0272 or 256-233-8130

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